Shingakkou -Noli me tangere-

神学校-Noli me tangere-

Shingakkou -Noli me tangere-
TitleShingakkou -Noli me tangere-
Original title神学校-Noli me tangere-
AliasesTheological Seminary
LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
Publishers Pil/Slash
 Xinyou zhi Yu
Alternative version
Shingakkou Banchou
Shingakkou The Gift


Michael and Gabriel Levi are twins who are enrolled in a seminary. On the eve of their Christmas holidays, the twins return home eager to see their family after the absence, only to find them dead and their home in flames. As if things couldn't get any more strange, there's a bizarre mark on the wall painted in their father's blood, of an inverted cross with a snake wrapped around it. It's the mark of a secret society in their very own school - a secret society which worships the devil.

Furious that God could let something so callous occur on a holy day, Michael turns his back on the figure he so dearly worshiped beforehand and vows to get his revenge while investigating the cult that had something to do with the destruction of his family.

Horror 3.0 Revenge 3.0 Identity Crisis 3.0 Male on Male Sex 3.0 Boarding School 3.0 Christian Mythology 2.8 Mystery 2.8 Murder Mystery 2.8 Religious Organization 2.8 Male Protagonist 2.8 Protagonist with a Face 2.8 ADV 2.8 Boy x Boy Romance Only 2.8 Bad Ending(s) 2.8 Read Text Marking 2.8 All-boys School 2.7 Secret Society 2.7 Branching Plot 2.7 Seke Protagonist 2.7 Religious Hero 2.6 Madness 2.6 Voice Replay 2.5 Enforced Playing Order 2.5 More Than Seven Endings 2.5 Reversible Yaoi Pairing 2.3 Unlockable Hero(ine) 2.3 Unlockable Choices 2.3 Unlockable Event 2.3 Unlockable Routes 2.3 Incest 2.3 Side Images 2.2 Short Hero 2.0 Rape 2.0 Unavoidable Rape 2.0 Secret Identity 2.0 Homosexual Support Character 2.0 Existential Crisis 2.0 Protagonist with Psychological Problems 2.0 Priest Support Character 2.0 Male on Male Rape 2.0 Orphan Protagonist 2.0 Bad Endings with Story 2.0 Hero with Psychological Problems 2.0 Possession 2.0 Teacher Hero 2.0 Villainous Hero 2.0 Brother/Brother Incest 2.0 Sex with Insects 2.0 Priest Hero 2.0 Choices with 4 or More Options 2.0 Smoker Hero 2.0 Cult 2.0 Voice Saving 2.0 Pain Only Rape 2.0 Muscular Hero 2.0 Gore Filter 2.0 Suicide 1.8 Twins as Support Characters 1.8 Twincest 1.8 Unavoidable Protagonist Rape 1.8 Corruption of Characters 1.8 Brother/Brother Romance 1.7 Church 1.7 20th Century 1.6 Oyaji Hero 1.5 Protagonist with Voice Acting 1.5 Multiple Route Mystery 1.3 Osananajimi Hero 1.3 Game Over 1.0 Homosexual Hero 1.0 Incest Romance 1.0 Death of Hero 1.0

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Main characters

Cecil Coward
Cecil Cowardセシル・カワード 
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm
Birthday12 February
Hair, Brown, Short
Body, Average Height
Voiced bySorano Taiyou

Side characters

Neville C Kohl
Neville C Kohlネヴィル・C・コール 
AliasesKouchou, Principal
MeasurementsHeight: 175cm
Hair, Short, Slicked Back, White
Body, Old, Overweight
Clothes, Cassock
Personality, Loud
Role, Christian Priest, Principal
Engages in
Voiced byMamiya Yasuhiro
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