School Love! 2 ~Koi Suru Parfaittic~


School Love! 2 ~Koi Suru Parfaittic~
TitleSchool Love! 2 ~Koi Suru Parfaittic~
Original titleすくぅ~るらぶっ!2~恋するパフェちっく~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers DisAbel
School Love! ~Soyokaze no Harmony~
School Love! 3 ~Mirai e no Allegretto~


The main character is Haru, who has a secret magic power. But it has a side effect. It causes pain to his brain, if he uses it. One day, his father, who also has the power, tells him that Haru needs to let someone reliable know the presence of his power within a month. Otherwise, his side effect will get worse to death. What will happen to him...?


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