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t11332.42018-10-28English ?Chuee got offense... (author of fan-translation, now it turns into Nekonyan Soft)
t11049.62018-10-28general discussionSo, the novel get licensed by Sol Press, incredible!
t11291.122018-10-13Great another episodic crap showWell, usually I read all routes, if I have a time and wish. I mean, when I see the full eroge game, I can clearly see the effort... With only one
t10884.62018-10-06A bit confused - is it eroge anyway?What are that reasons doing a such things?
t11265.22018-09-23short opinionEh, I want review from you
t11049.52018-09-04general discussionWaiting for reviews...
t11029.42018-09-01English translation?Interesting, if tone work's games will be licensed in English someday...
t10697.622018-08-24Fortissimo picked up by SakuraGameWhy developers goes to SakuraGame instead of Nekonyan? What the f...
t10113.32018-08-21What's happening? (Spoiler warning)Maybe, author decide to do that specially?.. But the story still turns in bad ending, overall... for main heroine... Egh...
t8179.22018-08-15This VN vocal track so amazing.Soundtrack is really great. That's so sad that they are not releasing instrumental version of songs.
t10992.482018-08-15Your Diary Official Translation (MTL?)------------------------------------------------------------ The stimulation of soft skin from my pe*nis and the ineffable pleasant sensitive which
t8387.32018-08-10English version of the game?Last Chuable project, I really don't know if it happens...
t10892.42018-08-09I just wondering the votesIt is the last work of AXL where Senomoto Hisashi works... He left the company and now do freelance. That is so sad.
t10990.102018-07-31H-code PlsOmg, I see the plus in learning Japanese - not fighting with hook-codes or something, that can boom my brain.
t8837.92018-07-29/h codeBut in the sequel is the other coloring... But I also like that coloring more than previous...
t8837.72018-07-22/h codeI think the art never change from that company, still the same as always...
t9821.122018-07-22We need a after story!!Oh, and as I understood by company blog, they are deciding about fan-disc or sequel after responses and opinion of players (Japanese, especially
t9821.92018-07-21We need a after story!!Well, I'm just about... well, 95% of content is sex, I just can imagine how hard to translate that... Well, even if someday it will be picked up by
t8837.52018-07-21/h codeHm... Any reviews about the game? How is it?
t9735.22018-07-14Basic translated synopsis of the prologueCan you just also to tell the whole story of the full game? Thanks!
t9821.52018-07-14We need a after story!!Seriously, guys? It is a whole nukige... And you need a continuation?!
t7581.2552018-07-07English localization by Sekai ProjectAbout what are you? Dovac left the company, as I can see? 18+ patch were made by fans?
t10884.12018-07-03A bit confused - is it eroge anyway?Just the main protagonist is a girl, and all main characters are the girl. But it is still eroge. Can someone explain me that? Thanks so much!
t7901.22018-06-26Short ReviewShort VN? I think it's a quite long, maybe, you don't see so much VNs for 2 hours long. But thanks for the review!
t10572.132018-06-19Mirai Radio to Jinkou Bato OP really deep songCan someone tell the synopsis of the story, besides descrition on the page of game? What happened exactly and what the pigeons who blocked radio
t9242.32018-06-03Someone have a hook code?Judging by reviews, this game is so bad...
t10184.42018-06-02Is the site works with JP IPs only?You can paste at the start of line - www or https or something like that, and it works. I dunno what the magic it is.
t10558.732018-05-03Kickstarter for Venus Blood FrontierYou also can write your opinion to their English Twitter, I think, they're really responsive... @Intl_Ninetail
t10388.102018-04-29鳩 =/= "bato"So, pigeons, not only one pigeon?
t8512.32018-02-21h-codeI think the game is over (and Studio Ryokucha too). Additional scenario wasn't released. But they promised...
t10265.22018-02-18Koikake thoughts - a light literature in disguiseWah, I think that Koikake becomes a popular VN... Interesting, why... More reviews, more opinions... Because Niijima Yuu or what? Maybe, there is
t9412.72018-01-23Wagahai OC is an expansion rather than a sequal?It that was a sequel, then Madosoft named that as Wagahigh 2, or something... But that's just additional stories.
t9932.22018-01-10Early hours so boringI just think it's because "we should make 30 hours, guys, write more useless text, please, faster!!!"... I also don't know why the game was delayed
t9941.52017-12-31Help with serial codeSerial code need for playing or for downloading special content from official site? Physical version arrives soon to me, I can help with that, I
t9946.42017-12-253rd generation inbreeding?Wonderful genetics, so... Cousins... Same hair... and even eyes. Wow.
t7598.202017-12-18Maitetsu's Heroines and that one Hachiroku H-scene@19 Seriously? Why so badly? We can't blame people for their fetishes (even if I sometimes don't understand, how some really strange fetishes can be
t7581.1042017-12-18English localization by Sekai Project@102 When Mangagamer said that? Just interested... Blood, guro, rapes etc. is allowable, but loli is not? How then...
t7581.1012017-12-16English localization by Sekai ProjectGuys, you forgot that Sekai Project usually don't make uncensoring?.. I mean, for Japanese novels from big studios. Remind me, please, when they
t8071.142017-12-16pretty good starting storyAny review on that game? Is it even worth playing?
t8348.92017-12-13Waiting for a download release?I played the trial, but... Eh... At first it was interesting, but then... turns to very boring VN. So boring beach adventures... And what the sense
t5426.62017-12-10Majo Koi Nikki ReviewInteresting, what the writers wrote each route... And what the part is belongs to Niijima Yuu
t7153.232017-12-04What happenned on the true end??I'm wondering... Is Us:track dead? Two years since release, and silence... Not even news about sequel... Or fan-disc... Come on, we need to finish
t9941.32017-12-02Help with serial codeJust wait for crack or bought the physical version from Japan.
t9818.12017-10-30H-code for that game?VNR don't want to hook the text again. I really don't know what to do. I tried it for all ages version and trial version. Think that it's also not
t9237.22017-05-29Regarding the previous seriesNo, it's the standalone game. All games are standalone, excluding fan-disks, by the way.
t9198.12017-05-15Site doesn't open?I don't understand what happens. The official site doesn't open, I see only that... このドメインは、お名前.com レンタルサーバーで運用されています お名前.comのレンタルサーバーは、お名前.comが誇る格安
t8988.32017-05-12H-codeWhat about 1.11 version?
t9112.232017-05-03Another jp indie with crappy engine from SPThe game is freezing sometimes, and it's very annoying. By the way, in one place there are ??? and ... in text, but characters say something. What
t9001.42017-03-31Mmmm is it really bad?Really? English is really bad? Oh, no... One else again bad official translation? Why... Fruitbat Factory, what are you doing...
t8315.42017-03-09Download Delisted?This game were saved on Russian torrents, by the way, if anyone needs...
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